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Palmetto Vermiculite

Square Foot Gardening

Vermiculite is a key component of successful square foot gardening. Excellent soil aeration as well as moisture and nutrient retention are necessary for successful square foot gardening. Vermiculite possesses naturally occurring properties that perform these essential square foot gardening functions. In addition, vermiculite is light weight and easy to handle when mixing with soil, fertilizers, compost materials and other components used in square foot gardening.

To produce a high-yielding square foot garden, it is critical to use the proper soil mixture. Vermiculite used as a soil amendment will provide the correct balance for the perfect square foot garden. Its moisture/nutrient absorbency and moisture/nutrient release characteristics allow a square foot garden the opportunity to grow at just the right pace without the concern of over or under watering or over or under fertilizing.

Palmetto Vermiculite offers a wide range of particle sizes to suit individual customer needs. Contact us today for more information on how vermiculite can add to the success of your square foot garden!

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