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Palmetto Vermiculite

Pool Base Mix for Vinyl Liner Pools

Superior swimming pool liners begin with Palmetto Vermiculite. A mixture of sand, portland cement and Palmetto Vermiculite provides an economical solution for a smooth, soft pool surface. The smooth, less abrasive surface aids in keeping the swimming pool clean.

Palmetto Vermiculite used in base mixes for in-ground swimming pools allows for a long-lasting liner that will require little, if any, maintenance or repair. Without Vermiculite used in base mix for swimming pool liner, your pool will be prone to pressure cracks; much like when a house settles. Regular sand concrete is subject to cracking, chipping and breaking.

Pool liner base mixtures without Vermiculite tend to be rough and hard and offer no cushioning at all. Often after spending time in pools without Vermiculite in the base mixture, swimmers complain of feeling as if they have blisters on their feet. When Palmetto Vermiculite is included in the pool liner base, your pool floor will be softer and more pleasant to the feet, making it the neighborhood favorite…and making you the most referred swimming pool installer in town!

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